drama actor han so hee

Han So-hee was recently portrayed as an extramarital woman of Lee Tae-oh (played by Park Hae-joon) and a character who is at odds with Ji Sun-woo (played by Kim Hee-ae) in JTBC's Friday-Saturday drama "The World of Couples" (written by Joo Hyun / directed by Mo Wan-il).

Han So-hee's performance, which showed her cool and chic facial expressions in each episode, drew attention from viewers. It may be a natural step for him to wonder about his life as if he had grown up in a chaebol house.

From models to actors, but ...

Han So-hee has accumulated quite a lot of filmography even before she became Yeo Da-kyung. Before starting his career as an actor in earnest, he made his name known through SNS. He has since gone through a number of modeling careers, including Ritz crackers, lenses, cosmetics and mobile games, starting with the music video for the group SHINee's song "Tell Me What To Do."

He also made his name known as an actor by playing in SBS's "Into the New World," MBC's "Money Flower" and tvN's "100 Days My Prince." Han So-hee's face, which is somewhat exotic and lonely, drew viewers one by one in front of the TV. Unfortunately, however, there has always been no "one shot." Han So-hee, who attracted viewers but failed to cross the threshold of "I became a fan," was always lacking somewhere to be imprinted by the public.

A life that didn't work out easily

To make matters worse, Han's life didn't go away easily. Han So-hee, who majored in art, suddenly turned to acting. In a related development, Han So-hee said on her blog in 2018, "Thinking of me, a 20-year-old who came to Seoul with only 300,000 won, it feels like 10 years have passed," and added, "I'm here because I went to a pub in Gangnam every day and worked until the sun rose the next day."

Moreover, Han So-hee looks quite different from what she is now. It's strange to see a tattoo full of arms and a cigarette in his mouth. However, Han So-hee's appearance is not "just a little different" wrong. It was also seen as Han So-hee's new charm.

However, such a figure "nearly" caught Han So-hee's ankle. Some have criticized Han for her unfamiliar appearance. However, Han So-hee's appearance is just one personality, and it cannot affect the ability of an actor. Han So-hee blossomed even amid controversy. Han So-hee, who always stayed one step behind, rose to the surface. He is on a roll, completing the character "Yeo Da-kyung" as if to show off through "The World of Couples."

Attention is drawn to Han So-hee's future moves. So far, Han So-hee has remained in similar characters such as the daughter of a rich family and crown prince. Now that he has completed the character of "Yeo Da-kyung," an affair that contradicts his image so far, attention is being paid to how he will show off his eight-color charm in front of viewers next time.